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Accessories & Jewelry strives to provide buyers with quality jewelry. In order for us to ensure this, all of our items include a warranty. All warranty starts from the date of purchase. Terms and conditions apply. Please note some branded collection items may come with an extended warranty and that information will be supplied in the package with your item.

Warranty on Jewelry Items:

All jewelry items, not including timepieces, comes with a 6-month manufacturer warranty. If a jewelry item you purchased from Accessories & Jewelry has a defect due to a manufacturer error, please contact our customer service team via email immediately. This warranty covers manufacturer defects such as loose or missing diamonds due to errors during the setting process.

Conditions of Warranty:

  • Warranty does not cover damage caused by regular wear, misuse, or abuse of the item.
    • Misuse or abuse of an item includes, but is not limited to:
      • Damages sustained due to the exposure of chemicals including soaps, shampoos, colognes, etc.
      • Damages sustained due to wearing of jewelry to sleep
      • Damages sustained due to wearing of jewelry while working out or conducting activity out of the norm that would put unnecessary pressure to the jewelry
  • Center Solitaire diamonds or gemstones on any jewelry or center solitaire and side diamonds of three stone settings will only be installed under warranty if the original diamond is sent back with the item. If the diamond is lost, the customer is responsible for this cost.
  • Missing stones will only be installed if it is caused due to a manufacturing defect
  • All shipping costs, including costs to ship to us and back to the customer is the sole responsibility of the customer.


* Each warranty claim is assessed on a case by case basis. There may be costs associated with a warranty claim if the item does not fit the warranty conditions.

** All terms listed above are subject to change without notification.

All Policies are Subject to Change without Notice & at Any Time.
Rev. Apr 2021